Failure, is a huge part of our Success in our walk with God.

Failure has got to be one of the most feared things in the world. In any area of life failure is most likely possible. Failing to be a good husband, failure to be a successful buisnessman, failure to be a good role model, failure to be a good Christianl… the list goes on! It’s not that hard to see how fear of failure can really hold us back in many areas of our lives. Often fear of failure can become a cycle that we can’t seem to break out of. We are to afraid to fail, and in order to fail you have to attempt something, so we often avoid even attempting something for fear of failure. Which for awhile may actually help us avoid a certain degree of failure. But in the end we usually realize that not even attempting something is a failure in and of itself. Where am I going with this you say? Well from my personal experience I have learnt that when God asks me to do something, especially when it’s something bold like go share the gospel with someone, I am often held back from obeying Him because I am scared of failure. In this post I would like to walk through the thought process that leads me to disobey when I hear God tell me to do something. I think many can relate and I think there is a benefit in understanding how God views success and failure.

               Often my disobedience to something to God tells me comes from a false belief. This false belief is the belief that success in the worlds eyes is the same as success in God’s eyes. See if I told you God told me to go pray for healing for someone, and I went and did it, success in from the world’s view would be that the person is healed after I pray. If I came back to you and said the person died, most people would assume, not necessarily saying it out loud but subconsciencly, that I hadn’t actually heard God tell me anything because to them I wasn’t successful and they assume that whenever you obey God you will be successful. Now I agree that whenever you obey God you will be successful, but I think we use the word successful equivoicaly, which is to say we use the same word but mean something different. I think a lot of the things the world holds as valuable God does not. I think when we obey God we are successful regardless of the outcome of whatever we are asked to do. God is looking at our heart, and He is constantly trying to refine our hearts. I believe many times when God asks me to do something it has nothing to do with the project, and more to do with me obeying Him and putting my faith in Him. If God asks me to go pray for someone to be healed and I obey Him and they don’t get healing my faith is tested. Will I trust God even though it seems like nothing happened. Or when I go share the Gospel with someone because God prompeted me to and they don’t accept Jesus into their lives right there, my faith is tested. THE TRUTH IS often God is actually working on us and not the person we aer sharing with. This isn’t always the case, I have had experiences where I saw God do something in the person I was prompted to share with. But if I had written off God’s prompting because of all those other so called ‘failures’ I would have never witnessed those experiences.

So just remember, trust and obey for there is no other way, when God prompts you to do something, as long as it is Biblically grounded, then obey Him,  some things we need to get confirmation on and pray into for sure, but a lot of things we just need to obey and be willing to fail in the worlds eyes in order to allow God to build our faith in Him. Success in God’s eyes is obeying Him regardless of the outcome, He is strong when we are week, and many times our failures add up to Him succeeding in some part of our lives…

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