Nothing in this world is equal to scripture. This is a core Christian concept that is quickly leaving the doctrine of Christians in the Western world. In a world of extremes, we as Christian believers are in a, almost completely, different extreme then that of the previous generations of Christian believers. Where believers once were so closed to the possibility of God speaking outside of scripture, we’ve now found ourselves in a society that believes the Bible isn’t God’s word anymore and continuously question, not only the validity of scripture, but also it’s relevance to Christianity today. “I don’t need to read the Bible, I just do whatever I think God is telling me to do.” That’s just one of the many lies that Satan has peddled into churches in North America. And while one could go on and on about the lies that are being peddled in North America about the Bible, that is not what this post is about. This post is a call, a plea to my brothers and sisters of the faith, that call themselves followers of Christ. Do not let yourselves be deceived. What better way to attack the children of God then by convincing them to not eat of the Bread of Life? And yet that is exactly what is happening! It’s sad enough that a lot of people who have been Christians for many years still only have a child like walk with Jesus, which comes from only doing the bare minimum required to be able to call ones self a Christian. This comes from relying solely on other Christians to feed us on Sunday mornings rather than feeding ourselves daily. This comes from trying to find answers to life in books written by other humans who have the same sin nature that we struggle against inside of them. Rather than going to the book that was written by the one who call’s himself “the Way, the Truth and the Life…” And while it seems to me the growth of these lies has been slow in the past, it now seems like it’s gaining an unprecedented amount of momentum, and is spreading like wildfire across this continent.

Brothers and sisters of the faith, you who call yourselves children of the living God, sons and daughters of the King, followers of Christ! Don’t let yourselves be deceived. This is not the time to relax and enjoy life. No, that time is coming, it’s called eternity in heaven with Jesus. This is the time for us to buckle down. Do some personal accountability and see where you are in your faith. If you have been passive, then admit it, and decide today to start aggressively pursuing a deep relationship with Christ. Decide today that you will not give into the lies of Satan, but instead will increase your intake of God’s Word aka. The Holy Bible. Let’s decide today to start growing from our child like relationship with God into becoming warriors for Christ, actively seeking God’s will in our lives. Let’s decide today to put the Word of God where it should be, in first place for books we make an effort to read. And rather than cower on the battlefield as armies of Satan wage war on our families, on our friends and our fellow citizens, let us decide today that we will stand with Jesus Christ and storm them. And in those moments when it feels a lot like the beaches of Normandy, let us remind ourselves of who we fight with. Jesus Christ, , the most lethal weapon in this spiritual battle we fight, the one who died for our sins and overcame the power of death itself. Let us hold firmly to the truth we have been given in the scriptures so that we may stand strong when the devil attacks us, and so that our witness will be powerful to those who do not yet know the Truth.
Remember, we need to be IN THE WORD, and not OF THE WORLD.

1: Read your Bible for a few minutes every day this week.
2: Read Mark 10:17-29
3: Write a prayer in response to Mark 10:17-29

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