Prosperity Vs. Reality

Although I understand what prosperity gospel(PG) teaches, I personally don’t understand how people arrived at the doctrine while reading the Bible. I get that there are many passages in scripture that speak about God blessing us as Christians, and there are stories of some Jewish people in the Bible that were blessed with much wealth in the Bible i.e. King David, King Solomon. But to base an entire doctrine on a small percentage of stories in the Bible is to be guilty of intellectual dishonesty. When Jesus Christ Himself was crucified on the cross, after He set the perfect example for how we should live as Christians, and then promised that worse things would happen to us, how can people really believe in PG?

THE TRUTH IS, bad things happen to good people and bad people, and good things happen to good people and bad people. The world isn’t fair. Often evil people end up “better off” in this world than good people, when it comes to finances, or life span, or experiencing the pleasures this world has to offer. That’s reality. And a really good way to test whether a doctrine is true or not, is to see if it lines up with reality. I could try as hard as possible to prove to you that gravity doesn’t exist, I could use logic, science and strong oratorical arguments to prove it. But all you would have to do to prove me wrong would be to pick something up and drop it. No matter how convincing a theory is, if it doesn’t line up with what we actually experience and observe, it’s probably not true. This is why so many Christians either end up disillusioned or just leave the faith all together. Somebody told them that if they were a good Christian then God wants to bless them, and will bless them, financially and by giving them all the desires of their heart. So they adopt that theory and try and live their lives accordingly. But all of a sudden the reality sets in, sometimes slowly through financial difficulties, and sometimes quickly through sickness. Now they are confused, and angry. Why isn’t God following through on His promise to bless them with money and health?

Does God sometimes chose to bless people with money or health? Yes! Most of us that in live in North America are actually already very blessed when it comes to wealth, if compared to other countries. And every day you have without sickness is solely because God blessed you with it. But our hope as Christians doesn’t come from money, or healthy, or any of the pleasures we experience in this life. Our hope comes as a result of what Jesus Christ did on the Cross! Because of His sacrifice we don’t have to be afraid of evil and death because we know that it doesn’t last forever. We know that one day we will escape the eternity in Hell that we deserve, and be with Jesus in Heaven forever!

One of the ways that God reveals Himself to us as His children is by giving us his supernatural peace when we do go through trials and tribulation. It doesn’t make sense because of the bad situation we are in, but we experience God’s peace in such a real way that it strengthens our faith in Him, and rejuvenates our hope and causes us to live our life looking forward to His return.

So please, don’t fall for “Prosperity Gospel”. Accept reality, and have hope, hope in Jesus Christ. Only through a genuine and active relationship with Jesus can you have this supernatural hope, this peace that passes all understanding. But it is so worth it.


As homework this month please read the following verse and meditate on it. Ask yourself if your life’s goal are in line with what it is saying!

Dear brothers and sisters,[a] when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing. “(James 1:2-4NLT)

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