The account of God parting the Red Sea for Moses and the Israelites, to escape safely from Pharaoh’s army is one of my favorites. One of the things I like to practice when I am reading such accounts in scripture, is to take a moment to imagine being there. What would I have done in the same situation? What emotions would I have felt? I also like to role play different people. As Moses what would have been going through my mind? If I was tasked with leading God’s chosen people out of Egypt, and had lead them to what seemed like would be their certain annihilation? Or what about as one of the Israelites following Moses out of Egypt? I can just imagine the emergency meeting that was held by the elders. “ok guys, any ideas? Pharaoh’s army will be here any moment to kill us and we can’t out run their chariots!”, “Hey guys, where’s Moses? He’s suppose to be at this meeting!”(Meanwhile Moses is off near the water waving his staff over it)  Nobody would have suggested parting the Red Sea just long enough for the Israelites to cross, and, for Pharaoh’s army to drown when we un-part it.

Ok, so where am I going with this right? The point I’m trying to make is that there are many times in our walk with Jesus where we won’t be able to see His plan.  We probably can’t see all the human options in all the situations we face, let alone the many more options that God has. Nobody in the above mentioned situation would have suggested parting the Red Sea, because for us that’s just impossible! If you are like me at all, then I am sure you’ve experienced situations where you feel trapped by circumstances. Maybe it’s bills piling up while your income stays the same or dwindles down. Maybe it’s just an obstacle you are facing that is keeping you from being “successful”. It’s in those situations that we need to remember these different accounts that the Bible gives us where God rescued His people in ways no one could have seen coming. How many military generals do you think would have been able to conquer Jericho the way the Israelites did? Sometimes God had His people do confusing things, like walk around their enemies city walls for days on end and then start screaming at the top of their lungs. I’m sure there were a few Israelites that felt I little weird doing that. Even then I bet they weren’t expecting the walls to just fall down!

So if you are going through a time where you feel trapped by circumstances that seem insurmountable. Or maybe you feel like God has brought you into a difficult situation and left you with no way out. Let me encourage you to read some of the accounts in the Bible. As you do I hope you will realize that, even though we can’t always see what God is doing, we can know that He is always faithful to His people. Sometimes we focus so much on the problem and end up forgetting how big our God is!



Read Joshua chapters 5 & 6 and try and engage with the story by answering these questions:

  1. What would I have thought when Joshua announced the plan for taking the city of Jericho?
  2. How would I have felt walking around the city walls while the enemies taunted and mocked us?
  3. How would I have felt on the last day when we walked around the city multiple times and then ended with the screaming session?
  4. What would have gone through my mind when the walls started falling down?

Now try and take a difficult situation you are going through and rename it Jericho!

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