All Lives Matter

All lives matter. Not just some, all. When someone dies, it’s not the color of their skin that makes it tragic or sad, it’s the fact that for this person, their life has ended. Traumatic deaths, expected deaths, deaths caused by diseases etc.— they all mark the end of that person’s existence here in this world.

We often ‘miss the forest for the trees’. When we elevate a person’s race or worldly status to an unhealthy place, we end up missing the real tragedy. When we focus on what a person was— i.e. black, white, Hispanic etc.— instead of who they were, we miss the real value of a person.

Jesus Christ wasn’t just a Jew. He was the Son of God, the Messiah, and the Son of Man! Christ laid His life down for us because his life was the only one that could atone for our sins. Jesus is the one who God chose to reconcile all of mankind to Himself through. This included people who struggle with homosexuality, or idolatry, or adultery, or lying, or stealing, or any other sinful behavior. Jesus died so that we might LIVE eternally one day with Him, if we accept what He did and repent.

One thing that, for sure, all humans have in common is the struggle with sin. We may all struggle in different ways with sin, but we all have sinned and missed the mark. But the Bible tells us that when God makes us (humans), He makes us in His image (Genesis 1:27). Our identity isn’t made valuable by what we do or don’t do, but by who our identity is in! Our Creator, Jesus Christ!

So I really want to encourage anyone reading this post with the truth that your life matters just as much to God as anyone else’s life. Are you struggling with greed? God loves you! Are you struggling with idolatry? God loves you! Are you struggling with homosexuality? God loves you! And as long as you are living a life of repentance that is submitted to Jesus Christ, one day you will live eternally with Jesus Christ in Heaven!

As Christians all around the world continue to ground their identities in their Creator, the results will permeate through their lives, making them beacons of hope in a dark world.




Read Psalms 139 and ask God to show you how you can practically build your identity in Him.


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